Cost optimisation

Implementation of the transport Ecotax



  • For 4 shippers in different sectors of activity, evaluate the financial impact of the Ecotax in 2014, redefine the logistics routes taking into account a trade-off between cost optimisation and delay.
  • Build support kits for tariff negotiations in compliance with the regulatory framework.

AEO support

  • Assisting clients in the interpretation of the Ecotax regulatory framework
  • Decline the regulation in a calculation model


Modelling of the flows of 4 shippers in our ECOTAXE route optimisation and carrier charge and customer surcharge calculation tools:

  • 320,000 vehicle trips
  • 63 million km travelled
  • 10.2 million "Ecotaxable" km

Calculation of the financial gap between "Taxation undergone" and "Surcharge applied" by hauliers in the design office.


Delivery of negotiation kits that can be used over the counter
or in the context of transport tenders.

Simplification and optimisation of the purchasing process thanks to immediate visualisation:

  • Global
  • by supplier
  • per transport billing line

The following data: 

  • Detail of the number of "Ecotaxed" km
  • Associated Tax Amount
  • Amount of Surcharge
  • Toll budget
  • Travel time
  • Different route options


Taxation: Tax on hauliers according to the actual km travelled on the eco-taxed sections

Surcharge: Surcharge applied by transport operators to their customers on the invoice for their transport services from 1 January 2014