ALIS is a service company that deals with all the administrative problems of international trade.

Business Case

With ALIS, we have finally found the solution we have needed for a long time.

Richard Dupont - Supply Chain Director for the luxury sector

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Your issues

The complexity of globalisation, the multiplication of trade and sources of supply, changes in regulations, customs legislation, security controls, etc. are combined with the need for "ever greater speed" and "ever greater performance".


By combining the operational experience, technical expertise and proven working methodologies of its teams, ALIS is there to support you and make your Supply Chain a "Success Chain".

Outsourcing of customs declarations 

Setting up a transport control tower

Obtaining AEO status 

Digitalising your supply chain

support for optimising customs compliance

For a better management of your Supply Chain with ALIS

In addition to the operational services offered on a daily basis, ALIS provides neutral support for the performance and optimisation of your organisation, either as part of a service contract or through a one-off support mission.

  • Control and visibility
  • Cost reduction
  • 24/7 Monitoring Tool
  • Reporting
  • Analysis of customs activity
  • Regulatory compliance

ALIS is a unique solution!

Our positioning combining operational expertise, customs engineering

and transport management makes ALIS a unique partner in the market.

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We pride ourselves on supporting our clients at every stage.

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